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ArtMade Architects loves all things design and believes all projects should start with good initial planning.

The design outcome is ultimately a result from the understanding and the balance of incorporating the client's brief, planning controls, statutory requirements and input from the consultant team.

ArtMade creates and develops the fabric of the building that is essentially interesting and fun. A design solution that is visually dynamic with a composition of natural and modern materials whilst integrating sustainable design principles.

Our objectives are to create design outcomes that respond to the site and its context whilst importantly meeting the client's objectives.

Our design is a collective collaboration from the ArtMade team. We draw inspiration from many things; our backgrounds, the things we see such as nature and the built environment both locally and abroad.

As a result ArtMade achieves functional layouts that thoughtfully connect the internal and external spaces for the occupants.


ArtMade Architects was founded in 2002 by Sherif Saad and has grown to a successful yet boutique practice with the capacity to undertake a wide range of project types. We have a fun & modern approach to office culture and strive in this positive environment to the encourage staff development and the sharing of ideas within the office.

Sherif Saad - Architect - Managing Director

Thai Tran - Architect - Associate Director

Bronwyn Shelsher - Studio Manager

Mina Saad - Architectural Graduate

Brenton Romeo - Architectural Graduate

Odette Feghali - Architectural Assistant

Furkan Rendeci - Project Architect

Kelly Zhang - Architectural Graduate


ArtMade offers a hands-on, thorough and professional scope of services from initial sketch planning right through to contract administration during construction and post construction services. Our services include or can be tailored to suit the client's requirements through the different stages of the architectural services.

Stages of architectural services includes: 

- Project feasibility & purchase inspections

- Sketch design

- 3D Design Development

- Development Application

- Construction Certificate

- Design Development, Detailed drawings & Contract documentation

- Tender & pricing process

- Assistance during Construction

- Completion and Post Construction Services

Our services are offered across all project types including: 

- Residential

- Community Buildings, Childcare Centres

- Commercial Buildings, Interior Design

- Multi Unit Residential, Industrial Buildings

- Marketing / Branding


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